Terms and Conditions



(a) These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to your use of [www.borgame.com] (the “Website”). These terms apply whether you are accessing this Website through a computer system, via a mobile device or by using any app that is provided by Borgame.

b) These Terms set out the relationship between Borgame and you and the terms on which Borgame provides the Website, the terms on which Video Games are exchanged via the Website and general terms applicable to your use of the Website and exchange of Video Games. You may not use this Website, and you may not proceed to purchase a Product on this Website, if you do not agree to these Terms.

(c) These Terms are effective from 01 April 2019. Borgame may change these Terms at any time by posting an updated version of the Terms on this Website. Borgame encourages you to check this Website regularly for any amendments to the Terms and to read the Terms each time you purchase a Product on this Website. Your continued use of this Website will constitute your express consent to these Terms.

(d) Nothing in these Terms affects your statutory rights, either as a consumer or otherwise.




(a) You will need to register with Borgame to exchange Video Games using the Website. You may register an account with this Website or exchange Video Games only if your membership has not previously been withdrawn or suspended by Borgame.

(b) You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account user name and password and for preventing unauthorised access to your profile. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. Please take all necessary steps to ensure that the user name and password is kept confidential and secure. We have given you the option to decide whether to make visible your email and or phone numbers with other users on your dashboard. You acknowledge that if you do decide to share them, you share those details at your own risk and cannot hold Borgame responsible for any problems you face due to the sharing of those details. Please inform Borgame immediately if you have any reason to believe that your user name and/or password has become known to anyone else, or are being, or are likely to be, used in an unauthorized manner.

(c) By entering the information, you consent to the collection and use of information as set forth in our Privacy Policy and you warrant that the details you provide to Borgame are correct and complete and you agree that you will inform Borgame immediately of any changes to those details (e.g. change of email or postal address). You can access and update your details using the "Dashboard" area of the Website.

(d) Borgame reserve the right to refuse access to the Website, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at Borgame’s discretion.




(a) Borgame is not the manufacturer of the Video Games exchanged via the website. They are owned by you (the users). Borgame will do its best to ensure that information provided on the Website is accurate, but it does not warrant that it is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. You should not rely solely on the information presented on the Website, and you should make your own judgments on the quality and the proper functionning of the Video Games exchanged with other users. It is your responsibility to make sure that the games you trade are of good working condition and any additional packaging or items you agreed to with other users have been included.




(a) Borgame tries to keep all information on this Website up to date, but it may not be correct all of the time. You should independently check the information you use is correct and you use this Website at your own risk. If you find any incorrect information, you can notify Borgame by emailing Borgame’s contact center.

(b) You must not conduct or promote any illegal activities while using this Website. This includes any activities that (in Borgame’s opinion) breach copyright, infringe on privacy or infringe any third party rights as well as activities that are defamatory to third persons. To do so may lead to prosecution.

(c) You must not use this Website to generate unsolicited emails, spam or promotional materials to other Users.

(d) You must not do anything to cause damage to this Website or other users of the Website, including any technical damage to the other computers.

(e) You must not send any viruses or other material designed to adversely affect the operation of the Website, affect any other users of the Website or affect any equipment or any data in the Website.

(f) You must not attempt to gain access to the Website or the system that runs the Website. You must not interfere with the security of the Website, its services, system resources or network.

(g) You must not use the Website in any manner that could damage, overburden or impair the Website nor harvest or otherwise collect any information about the uses.

(h) You must not link to the Website without seeking Borgame's prior written consent. You must not frame the Website on another website without seeking Borgame’s prior written consent.

(i) You must not charge third parties for accessing the content of the Website, nor can you in any way commercialise its content.

(j) You must not change, edit, add to or produce summaries of its content anywhere else.

(k) Any party engaged in illegal activities involving the use of this Website may be subject to prosecution. Borgame does not guarantee that Borgame will be able to prevent any illegal or inappropriate use of this Website, or will give notice of any illegal or inappropriate use of this Website.